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A Bid for Harry Potter's Green Fans

Posted by Matthew on 07-06-05 @ 11:18 PM [comments: 5]
The New York Times reports:
As part of a growing worldwide campaign that is prompting a shift in the publishing industry, environmental groups, including the National Wildlife Federation and Greenpeace, are asking Potter fans in the United States not to buy Scholastic's editions and instead to order the new title online from Canada, where the publisher, Raincoast Books, has printed the book on 100 percent recycled paper. Scholastic says it does use some recycled paper for its books, including the Potter series, but it would not divulge the amount.

Nicole Rycroft, campaigns director of Markets Initiative, said, "Scholastic has failed to really meaningfully step forward to have Harry printed on the most environmentally friendly paper that it can be."

Scholastic defended itself, however, saying, "I think the fans who know Scholastic and the people who buy from Scholastic understand that we are an environmentally concerned company and we don't endanger forests ever with the paper we use."

USA Today feature on JKR's journey

Posted by Matthew on 07-06-05 @ 8:35 PM [comments: 6]
In the absence of any new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince teasers, USA Today has written a feature on JK Rowling's now-legendary journey, to be featured in tomorrow's newspaper.

The paper writes: "Some differences are subtle. In the early days of Potterdom, Rowling had reddish hair; now she's blonde. In 1999, she could be reached by phone in the evening for an impromptu USA TODAY interview, although she couldn't talk for long because she was putting her daughter Jessica to bed. Now, her publishers, Web site, and Colman Getty PR in Scotland and London handle most questions."

They also spoke with Barry Cunningham, her first editor at Bloomsbury, who said, "She was telling me about her circumstances. I was worried she was really relying on Harry to be the future for her and her daughter. I told her she wouldn't make any money at children's books, and she should get a day job."

Pictures of Rupert on 'Driving Lessons' set

Posted by Darren on 07-06-05 @ 11:25 AM [comments: 139]
Pictures of Rupert Grint on set near Regents Park in London have been sent in by Teddy of

He is currently shooting for the film Driving Lessons, due for release in 2006, and will star alongside Julie Walters and Laura Linney.

Other set locations include Highgate & Crouch End, London and Lothian, Edinburgh.

To view the pictures, click here.

Latest cub reporter announced

Posted by Darren on 07-05-05 @ 7:02 PM [comments: 16]
14-year-old Daniella Hayman of Cape Town, South Africa won first prize in a Sunday newspaper's competition after describing what she would do if she had Harry Potter's powers for a day.

Her opening line was: "If I had Harry Potter's powers for a day I would not make spells to become rich, famous or beautiful, but I would use it for my friend."

She then continued with this sentence comparing AIDS to Lord Voldemort: "Aids just wants to survive. It does not care who it kills along the way."

Daniella will be accompanied by her mother, June Hayman on her all-expenses paid trip to Edinburgh Castle, Scotland for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince event. The full story is available at IOL.

HBP adverts spotted in Hungary

Posted by Darren on 07-05-05 @ 6:33 PM [comments: 11]
New pictures of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince advertisements from the bookshop Book Station in Hungary can be seen here. They include the countdown clock, window drops, and a huge painting of Harry's head.

The pictures were sent in by Lara from Hungarian Honeydukes.

New HBP promotional bags

Posted by Darren on 07-05-05 @ 6:08 PM [comments: 16]
Here are some pictures, courtesy of, of the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince bags that will be sold in Japan.

Patrick also sent in this picture of a HBP tote bag issued by Bloomsbury used for distribution in Waterstones stores.

JKR interview hopefuls to compete on ITV1

Posted by Matthew on 07-05-05 @ 2:26 PM [comments: 11]
Thousands of British kids aged eight to sixteen have entered ITV1's search for the ultimate Harry Potter fan since it began in early June. The winner of the contest will be granted a one-on-one interview with JK Rowling, to be aired on ITV1. The number of hopefuls has now been whittled down to four. They will compete for the interview this Sunday, July 10, at 5:15 PM on ITV1:
Harry Potter at the Castle: The Quest for the Ultimate Potter Fan

Four of JK Rowling's biggest fans test their knowledge of the best-selling saga. The young contestants must also prove their journalistic skills as the winner will get to interview the author in an exclusive one-to-one chat to mark the imminent publication of the sixth instalment, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Presented by Ben Shephard.
Thanks to SS for the tip! If anyone can capture the show for us, please let us know - thanks!

9,000 entries so far for library sweepstakes

Posted by Matthew on 07-05-05 @ 1:37 PM [comments: 17]
Over the past month, 9,000 libraries across America have entered Scholastic's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince library sweepstakes, the winner of which will receive the first copy of the book signed by author JK Rowling. Scholastic Executive Vice President Barbara Marcus is pictured here sorting through the mass of submissions. The winning library will be chosen on July 15, the day before the sixth book is released.

Scholastic talks about HBP security and shipping

Posted by Matthew on 07-04-05 @ 7:13 PM [comments: 26]
The New York Times interviewed Scholastic's Barbara Marcus for an article in tomorrow's edition of the newspaper. She talked about the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince shipping process and the tightened security surrounding it. The article also states that "On Monday, is to invite reporters and photographers into its distribution center in Fernley, Nev., to let them see its packing and shipping operations."

Marcus said, "Of course we'd rather they didn't do that. It's really not the story. We'd rather it be about what a fabulous reading experience this is, and the fact that J. K. Rowling is turning so many kids on to reading."

Emma attends 'Wedding Crashers' premiere

Posted by Matthew on 07-04-05 @ 4:37 PM [comments: 154]
Emma Watson (Hermione) was in attendance at today's world premiere of the film The Wedding Crashers in London. A few pictures can be seen here; if you have any more, please send them in! Thanks, Kate!

Update: More pictures can be seen here, thanks to the Forums via Emily. Also, WireImage has quite a few pictures from the event, but only thumbnails are available at the moment.

Update #2: Thanks very much to reader Javon and for some high-resolution images from the premiere!

New GOF footage to be shown at Comic-Con

Posted by Matthew on 07-04-05 @ 10:45 AM [comments: 28]
Dark Horizons reports that at next weekend's "Comic-Con" convention, Warner Bros. will be showing new clips from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. None of the film's directors or actors are currently planning to attend. The Goblet of Fire feature will be shown sometime between 11 AM and 1 PM on Friday, July 15.

VTM OnAir #20 now online

Posted by Matthew on 07-03-05 @ 8:25 PM [comments: 16]
The twentieth edition of VTM OnAir, our weekly news video, is now up and running! Check it out via the link on the right-hand side of the page. It's really exciting to see that what just started out as a fun idea has now blossomed into an institution. Thanks for all your hard work, Aris! (Revisit the introductory post here.)

We're still accepting questions for the upcoming "Making of VTM OnAir" special; if you have any, send them in through the feedback page.

Braille edition of HBP to be released on 7/16

Posted by Matthew on 07-03-05 @ 7:54 PM [comments: 23]
For the first time in publishing history, the Braille edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released on July 16, the same day as the regular book. This represents a significant step forward in the Braille book industry, as previous Harry Potter books took months - even years, for some - to be translated.

JK Rowling said, "I'm delighted to be part of a publishing initiative that gives blind and partially sighted children and adults the same reading opportunities as sighted book lovers."

Blind Harry Potter fan Richard Wheatley was "really excited" about the news, saying, "Last time I had to get my mum to read it to me and it took two months to finish. This time, I can get it as soon as my friends at school do, and even read it in the car and in bed at night when I'm supposed to be asleep."

Everyone's quiet about 'Harry'

Posted by Matthew on 07-03-05 @ 9:37 AM [comments: 23]
The Cincinnati Enquirer tried their best to squeeze details about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from anyone - Mary GrandPre, an Amazon spokesperson, and the PR director of a library - and they were unsuccessful. In a phone interview this spring, GrandPre wouldn't go into details about how the book is delivered to her, but she did say, "It is handled very carefully with lots of security and legal things involving confidentiality. Let's just say it's not your average job - the way it is delivered, done, there is nothing normal about it."

Kristin Mariani, head of public relations at Amazon, said, "We treat the (Harry Potter) books completely separate from other inventory. "There is a special area dedicated to nothing but processing this book. It is cordoned off and there is an 8-foot high barrier around the entire area.

"There are only a few entry points and those are guarded 24/7. Only people with special badges can get in. And they have to show their badge when they enter and leave." examines best HBP deals

Posted by Matthew on 07-02-05 @ 8:51 PM [comments: 10] takes an in-depth look at various offers on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in a feature today. From buying online to in-store, the financing website looks at each aspect - price, pay, sales tax, shipping, delivery date guarantee, restrictions, and extras/special hours. The article also mentions, a collaborative effort of the major HP fansites, including Veritaserum. Check it out here.

JK Rowling's influence on our language

Posted by Matthew on 07-02-05 @ 5:08 PM [comments: 10]
From the review of the film Bewitched in the July 8 issue of Entertainment Weekly:
"The question before us today at the Being and Nothingness School of TV Properties Cannibalized by Hollywood is why Bewitched is so not. The answer is because it has been made by industry Muggles who have doused irony and satire over something that owes its original, delicate charms to the exact opposite of irony -- to utter sincerity in the face of preposterousness."

Reader Erika comments, "The fact that this word [Muggles] can appear casually and isolated truly shows the impact of Harry Potter on our language."

High-res version of Hermione promo picture

Posted by Matthew on 07-02-05 @ 8:37 AM [comments: 55]
Thanks to Teddy from for sending over a high-resolution version of a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire promotional image of Hermione Granger that was originally released in March.

Phelps twins to attend upcoming convention

Posted by Matthew on 07-02-05 @ 8:28 AM [comments: 8]
James and Oliver Phelps, who play the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter movies, are planning to attend Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia from September 2nd - 5th. There is a $75 admission fee for the convention, and that price will rise to $85 on July 15th.

The twins also participated in Warren Clarke Golf Day, a golf tournament supported by the charity "Sign" (an organization for mental health and deafness), on June 29th. Pictures from the event can be seen here (1, 2, 3).

Thanks very much to Kitty for the tips!

Meet the Harry Potter illustrators

Posted by Matthew on 07-01-05 @ 7:29 PM [comments: 11]
Mary GrandPre, the illustrator of the American editions of the Harry Potter books, will be signing copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at the Books of Wonder store in New York City just after midnight on July 16th. The bookstore is also offering a variety of other cool prizes, including a copy of a first edition of Prisoner of Azkaban signed by JK Rowling and Mary GrandPre. More info can be found here. (Thanks, TLC!)

Also, UK illustrator Jason Cockcroft will be at the The Children's Bookshop in Lindley that night, signing copies of the new book. More information about it can be found at icHuddersfield. Both events are free.

Jason Isaacs on fanmail, OotP movie

Posted by Matthew on 07-01-05 @ 12:36 PM [comments: 28]
MTV Movie News recently chatted with actor Jason Isaacs (Mr. Malfoy) about his role in the Harry Potter films. He said, "I'm carefully cultivating an entire generation of people who despise me, because when you're in 'Harry Potter' films you get a lot of fan mail ... I haven't answered any of it, so they will hate me even more than they did to start with. They probably spent their pocket money sending me a stamped, addressed envelope."

Isaacs also talked about the fifth Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: "Number four is finished. I'm not signed up for number five; I haven't got a script for [it] yet, but I understand I have some things to do in the book and, if they ask me, then I would be hoping to be in it. Because that is good fun, it's ridiculously good fun to dress up as a wizard ... I hope that [JK Rowling] writes it until Harry Potter is 65 years old and on a walking frame."

Winners of Scholastic essay contest announced

Posted by Matthew on 07-01-05 @ 12:17 PM [comments: 24]
The ten winners of Scholastic's "Why I Love Reading Harry Potter" essay contest were announced today. More than 8,000 entries were received. The winners will be given copies of the book at midnight on July 15th as they board their flight to London, England, where they will vacation for four days.

Arthur Levine said, "The winning essays capture so honestly what the Harry Potter books are all about - a love of reading, the inspiration drawn from good literature, and an appreciation of family and friends. All of the talented young fans who entered the contest are to be congratulated for their inspiring and creative essays."

Three of the contest winners were interviewed on the "Today" show this morning. A video can be seen at MSN (type in "Harry Potter" in the search box on the left). A promotional photograph of 10 year-old winner Roberto Pagan with his parents can be viewed here. Thanks, Cody!

Scholastic finishing printing and shipping HBP

Posted by Matthew on 07-01-05 @ 12:04 PM [comments: 6]
Scholastic announced today that they are in the final stages of printing and shipping all 10.8 million copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The press release also states that more than 5,000 stores across America are planning midnight release parties for the book.

Barbara Marcus, the executive vice president of Scholastic, said, "What we are hearing from the retailers is that those who didnít have a midnight party last time are planning one, and those who held one last time are making it even bigger and better."

Scholastic will be airing "never before seen footage of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book being printed, packaged, and shipped" later today. Satellite feed times and coordinates are available here.

Latest cub reporters announced

Posted by Darren on 07-01-05 @ 5:56 AM [comments: 21]
11 year-old Bethan Roberts (pictured left), from Barnoldswick, Lancashire, is the next cub reporter selected to visit JK Rowling at the Edinburgh Castle event. She will travel on July 15th with her dad, Alan, to receive her signed copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Along with meeting JK Rowling, enjoying a Hogwarts style banquet, and receiving the signed book, Bethan will be able to ask one Harry Potter related question. She has already decided to ask whether spectacles protect you from the Basilisk's stare, and if so, why did Moaning Myrtle die?

Indigo recently announced their two cub reporters as well. The first, 12 year-old Michael Farr, has decided to ask Rowling either ""What was your favourite book as a kid?" or "Which Harry Potter book is your favourite?" during the press conference. The second, 10 year-old Curtis Holden, hasn't yet picked his question for Jo, but was very excited about winning.

Also, thanks to Nikhil for letting us know that Trisha Mittal of Delhi, India, won Penguin India's contest and will represent them at the event.

All Aboard for Harry!

Posted by Matthew on 06-30-05 @ 10:12 PM [comments: 14]
The Scotsman is carrying an article today with new details about Bloomsbury's massive advertisement campaign for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Here's a rundown: 2,000 buses throughout the UK and Ireland will carry the message "All Aboard for Harry!"; bookshops will display special 16-day countdown clocks to the book, designed to look like the Weasley family clock; JK Rowling's midnight reading from the book at Edinburgh Castle will be broadcast on ITV1; an image of Jo will be projected on the exterior of the castle; and Bloomsbury is issuing limited edition carrier bags for bookshops to give away along with the novel on publication night.

The Scotsman also reports that the book is being sold to shops at a wholesale price of just over £9 ($16.12), which makes it all the more remarkable that stores such as Woolworths,, and Asda are offering it at £8.99. Also, thanks to Ginny for letting us know that Tesco is selling copies of the book at £7.96 ($14.25) for all customers with eCoupon vouchers.

Also, thanks to Livi for sending over some pictures of Half-Blood Prince promotions in Lagrange, Illinois.

To Half-Blood Prince

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Waiting for a translation (sorry!)
Waiting for the paperback version even though reduced prices for the hardback are ridiculously cheap

July 3, 2005

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